Our mission is to design, manufacture and commercialize solutions of broadband optical transport for the optical networks market: access, metro and core.

Regarding the our vision, the current needs of the optical network market with regard to technical requirements and costs associated to the plant equipment (capex and opex), determine that manufacturers have to offer specific optical transport solutions for each market sector with the criterion of optimizing to the maximum the cost per bit transmitted making use of the available state of the art technologies and equipping each communication link through optical fiber of the necessary bandwidth required to guarantee service quality, monitoring the parameters that measure it (QoS, BER) and the new paradigms such as the cybersecurity (data encryption, hardware firewalls, IP traffic moitoring) or the optical network infrastructure monitoring (7×24 OTDRs, optical performance monitoring, 7×24 BERTs).

Our values are the permanent innovation, the quality culture in the industrial designs and the end product and the way of working as a technology partner of our clients, with the maximum commitment and professionalism.

Our long-term approach commits us to innovation: W-onesys’ R&D Department is a strategic area of our company and the know-how our main asset. Our company collaborates closely with universities and technological centers in the development of vanguard projects, with technologies in line with the state of the art and allowing a technology transfer that enriches our company and offers a launch pad to the market of the ideas that are generated in these research centers.

We work as our customers’ partners and give them technical solutions which increase their competitiveness thanks to the optimization of their optical networks, making profitable to the maximum the cost per bit transported.

Our products and services are oriented towards the customer’s full satisfaction. This principle is based on the application of quality criteria in our internal processes as an organization and putting our products through the most demanding official approval processes and tests.