The business model and the market position of W-onesys, as the technology partner, it determines the distribution channel used to arrive to the end market. This channel is integrated for placement partners who are, normally, other vendors of the same sector who sale the product with its own trade mark. Normally, the W-onesys’s solution is an standard OEM product (inspired in the Optria and Proteus platforms or standalone modules), an OEM custom product (adapted according to the end client specs) or, finally, a manufacturing license of an specific industrial design that it allows to control end to end the supply chain to the W-onesys partner. It’s feasible to explore others business models, such as, the market white-label product or (system vendors) , as well, W-onesys’s brand product (distributor, system integrators).

This business model is based on to get the suitable partners in order to guarantee the sales in each market segment, strong trust relationships between W-onesys and its partners and, finally, a relevant know how,provided by R&D projects and synchronized to the state of the art of optical network technology.