About Us

W-onesys is a company of new technologies founded in 2003 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and commercializing optical transport systems more ...

Product & Solutions

W-onesys enables general optical transport solutions, such as DWDM Mux/Dmux, transponders, ROADMS, optical amplifiers, but also, value-added solutions as traffic monitoring, demarcation ethernet, layer 2 encryption and network monitoring


W-onesys offers diferent kind of services according to our expertise: FPGA cores (G.7710, Y.1731, AES Encryption, IP traffic monitoring); OEM optoelectronic designs, management software for optical neworks, etc.


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Innovation is the main asset of the company and is the basis of our products and solutions. Here you are some relevant R & D projects have been led or participated by W-onesys in cooperation with prestigious public and private entities in Europe and have been funded by various government agencies: Ministry of Industry of Spain, CDTI, European Commission, CIDEM, etc.

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